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Negative Comments to Writers on the Internet Destroy Creativity

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Many websites with news articles are now interactive and people are free to discuss the article and the events around the article. But did you know there are now also online article submission websites where people can post their articles too?

And did you know that many of these top sites allow people to rate the articles and comment on them? Pretty cool yes; Well, yes and no; you see many people will post derogatory things. This defeats the purpose and it is bad because it tends to destroy creativity.

Just read the Blogs or Forums on the Internet sometime. However yes it does drive traffic thru the acoustics and flames signifying nothing. If problematic scoundrels wish to attack an author or make nasty comments they will. The quality of the article is irrelevant to the commenter’s bad attitude and wish to flame the writer or slander them. And if the author is writing on controversial subjects they will get more negative comments from those who are incited.

This is an online article website allows negative comments then that will turn away authors and effectively become PC police, so everyone writes really nice pleasant articles which do not offend anyone. This is not so great and it effectively is a “Free Speech” inhibitor. I don’t like it. So consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 10, 2006
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