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Federal Trade Commission Vows to Fight Spyware and SPAM Fraud

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The Federal Trade Commission has been telling the world how they will stop SPAM and what happened? Well since they started it went up some 3000 percent or more. Did they stop it? No. Did they slow it down; who knows, I sure have not noticed, my guess is no way. But they claim they have?

How can we trust our government to be honest with us, when they lie about such ridiculous stuff out there? I mean come on this is comical, they say they need more budget money for all these nifty programs like SPAM, Phishing and Spyware and yes they have filed a few cases and touted their legal prowess, but they are losing the war on the Internet and so worried about Public Relations sending out press releases to some 8800 news outlets someone must be wondering if they are really just all show and no go.

I have wondered if they are actually misrepresenting themselves and using these PR campaigns as shills. It is amazing to me that an agency which clearly is a complete and total farce in my opinion can get away with this crap year after year and yet not come clean to the American People?

If we cannot trust them on spyware, phishing and SPAM how can we trust them to check on the price gouging issues legitimately with gasoline pump prices? Hmm? I would like some answers not further PR from the FTC. Consider all this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 10, 2006
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