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How To Be Fabulously Rich

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The word “rich” comes from the root word for “reach”.

You are rich when you can reach out.

The first type of reaching out is a personal one.

You have to reach beyond your limited understanding.

When you expand your thinking of what is possible for you, you are reaching out.

When you expand your knowledge of how to do anything, you are reaching out.

And when you expand your physical energy and improve your skills, you are reaching out.

This kind of reaching out improves your chances of getting rich.

Getting rich, however, is never done in isolation.

The marketplace is a dynamic interplay between buyer and seller, between consumer and supplier. It is a relationship.

Thus, your reach has to extend out to your customer.

It has to give the customer what he or she needs and that satisfies that customer. The satisfied customer will then reach back for more of what you can provide.

Then your reach has to expand to more and more customers.

This multiplies the power of your reach.

Also, you can reach out to expand your industry more and more.

Or, you can reach out into other marketplaces for multiple income opportunities.

Thus, you can reach either deeper or wider.

Those who reach out are rich.

When you increase your reach, you increase your sales.

You can begin the process of inviting riches into your life by working on improving your reach.

It’s simple isn’t it?

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