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VoIP Phone Systems – A Step Above Traditional Phone Lines

  • Posted December 10, 2006
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The words are; cost effective, portable, and flexible. And hey it comes with array additional new features too! No it is not our regular PSTN phone connection. The buzz word here is; VoIP phone systems.

It is the technology that transfers your voice from over the internet using specially designed call signal protocols in a much efficient manner. Efficient in terms of its low cost, the number of additional features that it offers, the convenience with which the call can be placed from anywhere at any time and for as long as you want!

The advent of the internet, bought the world closer. And it swept each one of us by our feet and today we are completely dependent on it for our day to day activities. Walking a step closer VoIP system has been developed! And it will completely revolutionarise the traditional way of making phone calls.

It’s smart, convenient, cost effective and absolutely relevant with the times we live in. How much on an effort is it, to switch on your laptop and make a call! Practically nothing! While at the same time it offers us a chance to talk for as long as we want without having to worry about the long bills!

Traditional analogue phones are a lengthy network of wires used to facilitate calling from one end to the other, and while a call takes place that particular wire system is dedicated to that one call. This is the reason; phone bills are higher on international calls. While VoIP Phones System work on the broadband connections. Once a call is dialed the analogue voice data is converted into small packets of digital audio data and transferred using special internet protocols from one end to the but delivered to the person in a comprehendible analogue format

Truly VoIP telephony is a step above the traditional phone lines and not far from now it would completely change the way we make long distance calls!

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