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Case Study; Value Added Features for an Online Article Submission Website

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The number one website on the Internet in the category of online article submission now has over 130,000 articles from some 30,000 authors. It has been able to capitalize on a feature rich website attracting the top online article authors and writers. This was accomplished by a strong back end server strategy and robust quick retrievable databases.

It has now surpassed all other similar websites in the field and continues to out pace all its rivals and hundreds of copycats. It is now a category killer; but where can it go from here without diluting its brand name, mission statement or potentially confuse customers and contributing authors? Well I believe you could create sister websites, For instance;


Separate sites but linked together and maybe not even linked from EzineArticle to them. But from them to EzineArticles Flagship website. You see before my retirement I had done a lot of this in our companies.

We had to add niches to service our customer demands, without taking away from our hard fought brand name and this strategy worked well for us. But can a similar strategy work for the “Category Killer” of online article submission website in this day and age of business at the speed of thought, larger competitors looking for smart fast movers to by or imitate? Can the same strategy work on the Internet?

Well you know that people who are creative and write articles are apt to be artists too, musicians, photographers, Consultants (audio). So you have 30,000 people and 10% of them each are also one of the others, thus you have built in content providers ready to rip.

Making audio is a great idea, and yes you must be concerned not to dilute your brand, but also realize that synergy is free in that you have here already 3000 artists, 3000 photographers, 3000 Speakers-Consultants, 3000 muscians, 3000 eBook Authors and you could be inspiring boatloads more already here and gain quick synergy and become a fast mover in all the other niches due to your baseline content contributions.

I have many thoughts on this and have actually written a few articles on the subject of adding on submissions on the Art Concept or photograph like and the Audio ideas are good, if you have the space and can implement a “Sister Site”. Personally I could very easily put together 50-100 audio speeches within a month to add to a new site if you produced one.

Also you might consider a link on a few categories here for links to audio site, starting with only a few categories; Self Help, Motivation, Health, Business, Arts and Music? The links could be at the bottom of the page; See Audio Directory on this subject. Not enough to canibalize traffic, just enough to get it going you see. The smaller starting sites would show big links to this site to show you are the “Real Deal” not a Johnny Come Lately. Innovate or die as they say. And you are wise to be careful and think on it too, although once you decide don’t hesitate, GO FOR IT, if you decide to do it. Consider this in 2006.

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