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Three Bases of Personality

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Dear Friends,

Our personality stands on three bases, namely body, mind & Atma. In order to make these three pure and bright, we have to adopt the process & practice of Karmayog, Gyanyog and Bhaktiyog. Accomplishment in life means to keep all our activities saturated with idealism. Body is purified by becoming a Karmayogi, mind is purified by becoming Gyanyogi & Atma is purified by becoming a Bhaktiyogi. If every physical activity of ours is for the performance of duty, every thought of ours is for the affirmation of truth & wisdom & every emotion is to increase love & kinship, it should understood that all the three bases are advancing in the direction, which is desired & inspired by God. It is only by following this path that we can succeed in the test of achievement of purpose of life.

In order to reform the world, we should reform ourselves. A part of the world is sublimated to the extent, we can reform ourselves. It makes the world more beautiful by transmitting itself to another & thus the process goes on. We achieve the credit of really doing great service to the world by making our inner-self sublime.

Hope you will enjoy reading this artile and learn to develop your personality threefold.


This is padma hiraskar member of gayatri pariwar which gives the message HUM BADLENGE YUG BADLEGA AND HUM SUDHRENGE YUG SUDHREGA.


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  • Posted On December 11, 2006
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