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Coaching: Living Consciously Vs. Living Habitually

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How many times do you find yourself making decisions that are not in your best interests?

Well to make it more clear reflect on all of those behavior patterns that you have been trying to break. As you do you will recognize the extent to which you feel control over your mind, your body and your life have been usurped by some invisible force that takes you to places that are highly undesirable to you.

How is this possible? After all aren’t your mind, your body and your life supposed to be yours? Well of course! So how can you explain the fact that you seem to have so little control over them throughout most of your life?

Well it’s as simple as saying that you are making choices to become unconscious during these times. Let me explain what I mean by this.

You probably remember if you are old enough, the time in your life when you learned to drive. During that time you found yourself having to pay attention to all of those things you had to do in order to avoid having an accident. At the time it likely felt overwhelming if not a bit taxing.

Today however you probably drive hundreds of miles a week without even thinking about the hundreds of decisions you make to avoid having an accident.

That is because all that “learning” caused your nervous system to become imprinted with a complex program that one might call the “this is how I drive safely program”. It feels easier to simply let the program do the work rather than have to be fully conscious of everything you need to do, doesn’t it? In other words the program is supposed to help you conserve energy and make your life easier.

So whenever you get in the driver’s seat you automatically bring up this unconscious program and it allows your conscious mind to attend to other things. In other words it frees you up.

Now suppose however that this “driving program” had a flaw in it. For instance, suppose that it had a “virus” in it that caused you to never check your blind spot.

Would that unconscious program serve you? Well I think you’ll see that it could cause you a great deal of agony each time you had to change lanes because you wouldn’t “know’ to check that blind spot and hence that would leave you vulnerable to the occasional accident.

Now let’s take this metaphor to the higher level of life decisions.

Your beliefs about your self, your capabilities, others, and your reality are pre-programmed inside of you at an unconscious and emotional level by the time your are 6 years of age.

This is because during that period, according to neurophysiologists, children are walking around in what is called a “delta or theta brainwave state”. That is equivalent to a state of deep sleep. In this state we are highly suggestible or hypnotizable.

Hypnotizability implies that we are highly programmable. It also suggests that we are in an unconscious state. During these early years we become programmed with many dysfunctional or “virus embedded” programs that we fall into the habit of relying on later in life.

Another way of saying this is that whenever we encounter a situation in adult life that makes us uncomfortable or that strains our conscious attention there is a tendency to want to go into “auto pilot” mode and relieve some of the strain with pre-programmed unconscious “software”.

Many of us do this regularly without even realizing it. We make decisions about our health, our careers, our relationships, what we believe we are capable of, what we believe about others, what we believe about our reality, etc. and all based on unconscious programming. Much of it however is based on the limited experiences we had while we were children.

Another way of saying this is that we become “unconscious” or that we live “habitually”. When we do this we find our lives going in directions that are severely limiting and unfulfilling to us.

What is most interesting however is that many individuals are not even cognizant of the fact that this situation even exists. That is they are afraid to admit to themselves that they are “not fully in control of their lives”.

What they are also afraid of is revisiting and releasing the old dysfunctional programs of their early lives. That is they are afraid to become fully conscious!

Now I ask you does that sound like a viable alternative?

Well if you see that to be “alive” and therefore “viable” is equivalent to being conscious then being unconscious is not viable is it?

In fact to live in a programmed state is equivalent to being a machine, isn’t it?

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