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How To Increase The Acceptance Of Your Innovation

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And there it is. Finally the innovation we have all been waiting for…Applause.

And we play with it. We check it out and after a few moment we realize that it’s not a big deal. Maybe we have waited too long for it. The features that are presented are nice (to have) but not a real killer. And although this company invested quite heavenly in the new project, the result is a bit of a disappointment.

I walk in the supermarket and I’m searching for the product which has been there right on that shelf, but which must have been moved. I take another look. And now I understand that there is a look-alike – very familiar to the product I used to select but slightly different; a new layout a somewhat larger size and … with a different price.
I observe these minor changes and accept the new layout which is definitely more appealing.

In this last case the changes where minor but normally there are many small new features. Just at the time when you didn’t expected it, but once it is presented you think –- “yeah, this is not bad at all.” And you keep on selecting the product from the same provider.

The art of innovation is timing. It is nearly impossible to be the first in everything. And mayor innovations don’t pass too often. But minor additions and new details rarely get unnoticed. There are always welcome. It is like receiving a little gift. Alright, one you pay for yourself. But still.

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