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Spam Blockers

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If you are regularly browsing the Internet, a spam blocker is a necessity for you. Or you will find your inbox crowded and jammed with junk mail. It not only eats up your limited storage space, but also makes you vulnerable to viruses and other Internet nuisances.

A spam blocker will stop spam right on its way to your inbox and saves time, energy and space when you stop reading mail after mail of dubious offers.

Pop-up links are major sources of user information to spammers and even inadvertent clicking of one of those pop-ups could be disastrous for your inbox. Pop-up and spam blockers thus become important for the integrity of your computer as well as your email program.

The Google Toolbar comes with a pop-up blocker which will prevent most of the spam and pop-ups. You also have Mailwasher Pro, which is a regular spam blocker that prevents spam mail from ever reaching your inbox. This spam blocker will scan your emails before it reaches your computer and lets only trustworthy content to be displayed on your email inbox. And this is exactly the advantage Mailwasher Pro has over any other spam blocker. Others will have to first download the email on to your PC before they can evaluate it.

But at the same time, there are various spam blockers which will result in a junk-free inbox for you. One of them is Qurb, best suited for Outlook Express. It does instant searches of your incoming mail and protects your email id and your computer from all kinds of spam.

SpamArrest is also an effective spam blocker program and does not require a PC to function. It can be integrated into your email program and will filter spam that comes into the mailbox.

CloudMark Desktop is a highly self-sufficient spam blocker which learns from all anti-spam activity that goes on in the user’s computer. It stores information on all blocking and unblocking actions of the computer and analyzes it with the activities of all other computers which have CloudMark Desktop installed. The result is that you get extremely refined and spam free Internet working hours.

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