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Know How To Control Your Thinking

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If you pay attention to your own mental thoughts and processes, you will soon become aware of the never-ending changes going on in your mind of one thought or idea to another in rapid succession. This can be in response to external suggestions or simply by your own particular habits of thinking that have developed over a period of time, usually by default. These thought habits are a result of the mind persistently doing those things that it has been set to do consciously or unconsciously many times over before. You will also learn that these changes are made without the slightest bit of effort made on your part.

All these thoughts in the mind are quite normal, occurring in the usual course of an average day. These thoughts and ideas represent the never-ending drama that is unfolding into your view of the world.

What if we don’t like some of these sounds and pictures?

If we are not too happy with some of the thoughts going through our mind, we can intentionally make changes to these internal sounds, pictures and feelings by turning our attention away from what it is we don’t want. You can stop thinking about something as easily as you can turn your eyes away from an object. If you are looking at something you don’t want to look at, at anytime you can simply decide to look away, the same holds true with your thoughts, you can just simply ‘think away.’ You can take your focus from one subject and give your attention to another.

If I think of some distressing memory or difficult thought and decide to turn deliberately away, saying, ‘ No, I don’t want to think of that;’ by so doing I have chosen and caused the termination of that ‘brain-event.’ The only difference with the mental action involved here is that the choice to think of something different is a conscious decision from inside of me instead of me reacting to some random external event.

What Do You Want?

Nature abhors a vacuum, so the act of deciding to choose what you want to think about is the first step in controlling your mind, because to stop thinking about one thought, we must have another thought ready to take its place. Ideally the thoughts to be replaced are thoughts and ideas regarding something that you want to own or achieve in your life, to realize something other than what you are getting.

Make It A Habit

A new action we want is often accomplished slowly and with repetition. Your thought habits are the result of your mind persistently doing those things that it has been set to do many times over. By constant repetition, the habit of avoiding thoughts you do not want may be established just as easily as any other, and with no more effort because habit, good or bad, is only an action often repeated. Repetition results in a greater know how, and it may be continued until at last it is performed without conscious effort or attention.

Repetition also will increase the likelihood of repetition, that means the more you do something, the more likely you are to do something. If you have the right predetermined thought ready to slot into your mind at the right time, the more likely you are to have the right predetermined thought ready to slot into your mind at the right time.

Is It Really That Simple?

No matter how much you may have heard or read about something new, there is no secret, no copyright and no patent to controlling your thinking. Controlled thinking can easily be practised the same as any other skill.

Like any skill you want to have, you do not know much about it until you are shown and are using the tools required to do the job, and by using them, you will learn certain details that cannot be verbally communicated. So go ahead and decide what you want to think about first and whenever thoughts arise you do not want, practise ‘thinking away’.

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