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Approach to Proper Diabetic Care

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Diabetes is probably one of the least understood diseases of this era, and there was a time when victims of this disorder were essentially sentenced to death. With the isolation of insulin and the onset of high-tech insulin controlling drugs, diabetics can now live longer under the western medicinal protocols. Unfortunately, living with diabetes means living with heart problems, joint pains, skin lesions, clinically maintained obesity, debilitating degenerative arthritis, and a seriously lowered life expectancy, not to mention the known psychotropic effects of the diabetic medications.

Unfortunately, the diets popularly shared with diabetics never were enough to reduce their hormonal imbalances and especially their insulin imbalance. This is true for two reasons: the diets themselves were never enough to provide the serious insulin control required by diabetics, and the diet itself distracted diabetics from the many other dimensions of their health which needed to be addressed before their pancreas could be rejuvenated.

There are points all along your body known to stimulate a ‘sleeping’ pancreas. The pancreas itself must feed it’s insulin to the body through a system that is sensitive to internal pressures. It secretes it’s contents to the body by contracting. As the muscular portion of the pancreas is weak, conditions must be ideal for it’s contracting abilities to be as strong as possible. It is also known that compromised musculatures within the region can hamper the pancreas’ ability to contract, or can be a source of occlusion to the pancreatic ducts. Any one of these situations can be the source of an ineffective, or sleeping pancreas. Improper spinal function, muscular spasms around the pancreas, abdominal tension, specific traumas, and even slight obesity are among the many potential sources of a sleeping pancreas.

Your physician will rarely assess many of these sources. Due to both time constraints and the excellent results of insulin in preventing your death, the average physician will follow a pharmaceutical approach in controlling diabetes. This ‘easy’ approach is as productive as anything else which comes easy in life. Anytime you seek something for nothing, you usually get nothing for something, and this is a classic example of this folklore. What you need to know, on top of a very serious understanding of diet and nutrition, is proper spinal care, and methods of reduction of the trigger points associated with the pancreas.

Direct yourself to the sort of health care practitioners who can help you relieve your diabetes, explain to you the true dynamics of your visceral system, and educate you enough so that you may truly have a chance of living life without pharmaceutical dependence.

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Dr. Bryan Brodeur is the owner of VitalityHouse, and the author of Vitalism, a health and fitness web site and e-book.


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