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Accelerating Active Personnel for TSA

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In the future we need to work better to ramp up the personnel needs of our civilization. Too often we find that when our government proposes or initiates new programs it takes years for them to get the proper people in place to even do the job correctly.

Let’s take the TSA for instance they decided we need more screeners at the airport for people and baggage. Yet still to this day they are understaffed to their original goals. Additionally we find that many of the people they had hired came from local police departments and other government agencies to fill those needs. This leaves holes in local law enforcement and jeopardized public safety.

It also ends up costs local law enforcement millions of dollars in increasing training and recruiting. But that is not all it does, consider the many high paying jobs that the TSA has and how many scoundrels they have hired who steal luggage and are not ethical themselves? Why do we need them? Unfortunately if you hire unethical people to provide for the safety of American Citizens you are only going to get bad apples who only care about what is in it for them.

We need better ways to accelerate our active recruiting for the personnel needed to secure and protect our civilization. But the process of getting hired is so utterly convoluted that it is amazing anyone with any real intelligence would wish to be subjected to it. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 18, 2006
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