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Stop Choosing the Wrong Guys!

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There are many reasons why a relationship may fail. Bad timing. Self-sabatoge. And often times–poor choices.

We probably all have been guilty of this. Both men and women can often fall into a pattern of picking the “same type” of partner, and it never works out.

Why? Because you are picking the wrong person time after time. In fact, the people you are choosing are probably interchangeable. Same guy – different names.

And you’re choosing this same guy probably because you are stuck in a time machine!

Many of us fall in love or have a serious crush on someone when we are very young that either doesn’t work out or never materialized into a real relationship.

Unfortunately, many of us never get over that unfulfilled relationship and we continually try to repeat it. Unconsciously of course.

We continue to look for these new guys to give us the feeling that we felt from that first love, and we try to replicate it in many ways. Often – many unhealthy ways. For example are you attracted to only…

1. Bad Boys

2. Dreamers

3. Athletes

4. Flirts

5. Class Clowns

6. Pretty Boys

7. Musicians

The key here is the word ONLY.

Remember this if nothing else…If you are attracted to only one type of guy who would have made a great prom date but obviously is a poor choice for the woman you are today — you are picking the wrong partners!

Remember to chose a partner not only with your eyes but with your intelligence.

Pick someone who makes sense for who you are today.

That is the key.

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