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Why Individuals Have Surivior Guilt

  • Posted December 19, 2006
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Survivor guilt is the guilt that is carried by individuals who survive the death of loved ones or other members of a cultural, national, religious or other group that they belong to.

It is felt along with feelings of unworthiness, a sense of being undeserving, an unconscious need to join their loved ones in death, an inability to fully engage in life and all the good things it has to offer them, feelings of depression or sadness, lack of motivation, a sense of inertia, and a feeling that they are somehow bad for being alive.

The guilt is harbored both consciously and unconsciously. In the latter it essentially burrows into the physical body and affects the cellular and physiological integrity of that body.

The general message that goes with the guilt is “You are not supposed to be alive”.

That message, which is a message of death, and not life, then essentially directs the physical body to die.

Clearly this is not a good place to be as it only engenders vulnerability to illness, pain, suffering and eventually death.

The reason that such negative information is present at all is because there is an underlying “illogical logic” that supports its presence in the mind and body of that person which goes something like this.

I should carry this guilt because it will help me to assume my share of the suffering which I somehow managed to escape, so that,

In this way I can show my love and compassion for those who are no longer alive, so that,

I can feel relieved that I am alive and was spared, so that,

I can feel a sense of inner peace, calm, better about myself and the fact that I am alive.

So in summary one could say that:

(A) The survivor guilt causes one to feel a sense of inner peace, calm, better about themselves and the fact that they are alive.

Well clearly statement (A) above is not true is it given what was said about the actual impact of the guilt on an individual above?

If you recognize this then simply admit to yourself that (A) is false and then ask that it be purged from your mind and body once and for all.

Then, if you wish, notice how toxic the guilt itself is and ask yourself whether you want such toxicity inside if you. If not then again ask that it be purged once and for all from within.

Now I ask you to consider how you would rather feel from now on about your situation. Once you have reflected on that you may wish to affirm that new experience for yourself.

I suspect that through this simple process of awareness something has shifted inside for you.

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