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Strategic Business Planning

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Strategic Business Planning generally focuses on a particular product, service or program. Chalking out, maintaining and upgrading a Strategic Business Plan is essential for any business (including successful and growing businesses).

Essentially, a Strategic Business Plan is, theoretically, a no-holds-barred, can-do approach to success. It calculates every imaginable variable, and accounts for it. It attempts to set in motion and monitor events ahead of time, so that the plan will always be updated with the current moment. This way, the company will not be caught unawares in an ever-changing economy, and won’t end up using a tactic that might have worked yesterday, but will not work today.

Business planners of an organization, just like salespersons, should be aware of and remain updated about the features, utilities and feedback of any particular product or service or program provided by their organization.

The following should be presented while formulating a successful Strategic Business Plan:

•A summary providing a concise overview of the plans undertaken, together with the essential information about the company.

•Market analysis and position of products and services in the market, vis-à-vis those of others (competitors).

•A description of the company with its history and other noteworthy aspects.

•Organization of the company and its products/services/programs, and the management thereof.

•Information relating to marketing and sales management of the company’s products and services, together with plans and strategies undertaken about their improvement.

•Information on the service or product line.

•Request for funding for the company in pursuance of implementation of plans and achieving goals.

•Financial information pertaining to the company and its business plan.

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