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Can a Pedigree of Royal Ancestry Help Define Self?

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If someone comes from a background of Royal Bloodlines, Dynasty or some sort of Pedigree can that help them define who they are? Well it certainly could help them define or perceive who they think they are. For instance if you are a Prince of some kind then perhaps it does define who you are to a large extent, but does it necessarily have to?

This subject recently came up in an online think tank due to a discussion on Royal Lineage. When one member asked me, since I like about a million other Americans and some 6 million residents of the UK have Royal Lines in their genealogy and ancestry. Here is the question; “Lance, if I may, I have a question for you.. now with all of that said do you believe that having such a pedigree can it define who you are??”

Not completely yet it makes a difference, genetics always do? But also nurture, experience, upbringing, good family parenting, observations and of course the greatest of all the human spirit, human intent and human will. A pedigree could be good or bad, if inbreeding occurs of course. We become what we believe we are or perceive ourselves to be. You become what you think about you see.

This seems to be relevant in the study of psychology of course and is used by athletes to compete, salesmen to sell and many psycho-cybernetic experts believe there is a lot to this. In fact even if you believe it made a difference, it automatically does, whether or not it actually physically did you see? Interesting subject indeed and therefore if a Prince believe he is a prince, he automatically becomes one with that title. Consider all this 2006.

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  • Posted On December 21, 2006
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