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Do Certain Bloodlines Help Make Some People Better Thinkers?

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Is it possible for certain bloodlines or ancestry to cause more scientists in those families? Let’s say that Sir Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla or Albert Einstein were in your family tree? Would that help you or give you an edge in innovation, discovery or perhaps finding the answer to Grand Unification?

Are these traits positive or negative; are they flaws or super genes? What about the story of the “Beautiful Mind” could it be both, a flaw, which creates a super brain for some things, but ill-prepared for others? Interesting subject indeed and let us say it was a flaw that these great historical figures had.

Nevertheless, that person with the flaw, able to concentrate on one thing may have in fact discovered a vaccine for polio or even the double helix of DNA. Thus even though one had a genetic flaw, the over all society should be grateful they did. In other words it is a darn good thing we are not created equal and Plato would agree, as each person’s talents or abilities should be leveraged for the common good and forward advancement of the Republic or in this case the forward advancement of the species and World.

Do you believe that genetic flaws of this type are worthy bloodlines to have? Would you like to be one of the smartest people in the world or would you rather just be normal like you perceive others to be? Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 21, 2006
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