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Does Ones Ancestry and Genes Help Define Them as a Person?

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For those of us who are into our genealogy to help us discover who we are and answer some questions about our family’s heritage; one can only wonder how similar our ancestors were to how we are? Having studied my family tree like so many Americans I find it quite fascinating indeed. I have met others in my travels and genealogy work, who have assisted me with their research and are of similar genetics to me. It is truly amazing how often we have similar interests and hobbies.

Even more interesting is I have discovered royal lines in our family tree and in fact nearly a million people living in the United States have royal ancestry. As far as who built America, well those lines are pretty definite in my lines as well;

If one follows the Kenelm Winslow line and there is plenty on the Internet about it, that takes you thru all the Kings and Queens as far back as 432 B.C., which means that I am related to lots of royalty of days gone by. Now then upon growing up I had heard stories but not understood the value of any of this, but since my Mom would have been an Olympic Swimmer, having qualified as an alternate, but instead had me as her first child and having a dad as one of the top Naval Fighter Pilots, it would be both nature and nurture combined to explain what makes me or who “I” am.

What most people find when studying their genealogy is how much it all seems to make sense in helping them understand who they are, where they came from and a little bit about why they are the way they are? Interesting indeed; maybe you will trace your genealogy and consider this in 2006.

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