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Planting By Moon Phases is More Then Just Legend

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Most of us have heard that it is customary to plant with regards to Moon Cycles. But why is this? Who started it and why on Earth would the Lunar cycles matter what is planted here on the surface of the Planet? Recently this legend was discussed on myth busters. And it was also the topic of discussion in an online think tank when one member stated;

“Maybe there is something to the old adage of planting by the phases of the moon.”

If gravity waves are affected well then so are waves and water everywhere right? This might better the chances of moisture finding the seed? Also what about the absorption rates of the seed might be higher too. If the water is adhering to the Earth during times when the Earth stable at its 8.75 Hz, yet less than during the Full Moon, then the seed is not fighting the Earth for the water? Who knows cool stuff? Tell me more.

Frequency changes even slight could trigger seeds to respond differently and thus start response, but more over the moon phases have also to do with other things and it was a way to keep track of the time;

There is a real reason why farmers for thousands of years have been planting by the Lunar Phases and it appears to work and it is actually true. It makes difference and enough of a difference to warrant the continued practice to this day. Perhaps you will consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 22, 2006
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