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Convert Your Car to Wind Power and Save Gasoline!

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It would be certainly great if we could convert our current automobiles, light trucks and SUVs to wind powered cars and save fuel; whether it be diesel, ethanol blend or even gasoline. Is it possible to convert your current car to run on wind or run on a combination of its current propulsion system and wind as a hybrid? Well, this subject has been a topic of conversation in an online think tank and a reporter from the UK, Laura asks;

“Could we convert our present cars to wind power?

Not entirely and certainly not currently with the drawing board only theories and over all concept, however it is believed that we could retrofit them to use wind to increase the power efficiency and thus lower the fuel use by a wide margin. How would this be possible? Well the relative airflows of the air around the car would be sped up using a combination of sound or lasers and some aerodynamic principles of nature and this would increase the speed of the automobile.

Well at least in the theory of such technologies such as vortex airflows induced on modern fighter aircraft. But still it would take a little bit of work to get that air moving that fast and thus a laser induced vortex might do the trick and this would be mounted on the front of your car you see? Sound to Sci Fi; yes well today it is, but tomorrow, well that is a whole different story you see? Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 23, 2006
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