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Barry Bonds Hopes Albert Pujols Shatters Home Run Record

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It is no surprise that everyone in MLB knows who Barry Bonds is, between the smashed balls and records to the Balco investigation, the name is now synonymous with baseball. If you asked Barry Bonds to name a few players in the league however, you may be waiting a while. There is one name that stands out in Bonds mind when he thinks about Baseball, and that name is Albert Pujols.

This young player is setting records all on his own, and is on pace this season to crank 80 out of the park. This is too much glee of the Giant Barry Bonds, with all of the controversy surrounding this major league slugger, he is very happy to shed some of the spotlight on someone that deserves it.

Not only did Pojols reach the 19 home runs in the shortest time span, he seems to not be slowing down anytime soon. This has definitely grabbed the attention of the power slugger Barry Bonds. When most of the controversy lays is that Bonds is accused of taking supplements for his power, or in other words steroids.

This has actually outraged the young Pujols, as he feels that the man that he actually admires is not and has not been enhanced with steroids. He states that it could not be steroids, that help Bonds reach such hit run markers as you still need to see the ball to hit it. At any rate Pujols is the one person at this point Barry Bonds believes will shatter his along with many other records.

Bonds has gone public in stating that he hopes that the kid actually does shatter records, and he is proud of him. It is great for the sport, as well as taking some tension off him regarding the steroid allegations, as Pujols has never been tested positive for the said drug.

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