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Road Rage and How to Wage Revenge

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Have you ever been a victim of road rage? Well it is not so fun is it? All of a sudden someone in a car near you simply goes berserk for no reason at all and there you are trying to defend your self in a much nicer car than they are in? Obviously you do not want to meet by accident, as the last thing you want to do is give this person you ID and personal information. A person like that is liable to go crazy and come to your home?

So what do you do when some moron is talking on the cell phone and flips you off thru the sunroof of his car while he shouts obsenities you can almost hear over your stereo and air conditioning? Meanwhile this maniac is honking the horn with his elbow and holding the cell phone in the same hand? And you are a bad driver? Hmm? Sounds like this SOB needs some anger management classes and quick?

Where is a cop when you need one; what a jerk off indeed, I mean who is this guy and what is his problem; he must be on drugs you think? Now your driver’s hand book says to not make eye contact with these road raging nut cases, but it is rather hard not too as this guys speeds up, slows down, swerves in your lane hits his brakes.

You are starting to think you should just ram the dude? Ah but don’t, knowing your luck they will take you to jail instead. Just count to ten back off the gas and let this guy go where ever he is going; and yah you are thinking what I am think; I hope he goes to hell?

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  • Posted On December 24, 2006
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