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Stop Smoking Laser Therapy

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Stop smoking laser treatment is a well know method since over 20 years. It is a common practice designed for people trying to quit smoking.

Stop smoking laser therapy is based on the ancient acupuncture. In ancient times, people used needles to stimulate certain points of the human body and thus stimulate hormone secretion. Nowadays low-level lasers substitute the needles. The laser stimulates the nerve endings and increases the endorphin secretion.

Laser therapy is completely painless. Most people describe the feeling as a warming, even tingling feeling. After each session, people feel relaxed and happier. Their smoking cravings are greatly reduced and the depression that goes along with the ceasing process is gone.

Prices for Stop smoking laser therapy are relatively low nowadays. The costs may vary of course but they are usually about $500. If you calculate how much money you are spending on cigarettes, you will see that the cost of the laser treatment is neglectfully low. Moreover, smoking damages your health so badly that you will need a great amount of money to try repair the damages later.

Any stop smoking laser therapy has two stages. The first stage is meant to help detoxification. This usually happens within the first two days of the therapy. During the rest of the course, the lasers are used to reduce he depression rate and the nicotine cravings.

Laser treatment is a non-medical procedure. However, it is not considered appropriate for people who experience specific medical conditions. Pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy or cancer are not suitable for a stop smoking laser treatment. You should always consult your therapist before undertaking stop smoking laser treatment. If this treatment turns to be inappropriate for you your doctor will be able to prescribe you other medication to help you quit smoking.

It is important to remember is that stop smoking laser treatment does not guarantee that you will actually quit smoking. Smoking habit has two faces – physiological (your body is accustomed to certain substances found in cigarettes’ smoke) and the psychological (connected with your perception of smoking, your habits and lifestyle). Laser therapy can help reduce the physical symptoms of the smoking habit. The rest – you should fight yourself. Stop smoking laser treatment can give excellent results if combined with a behavior treatment, more exercising and the support you can get from your family and friends. The good thing about it is that it is a non-medical treatment so you will not need to take any medications.

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