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Close More Sales by Not Allowing Your Prospects To Think It Over

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People put off until tomorrow only those decisions they lack the confidence to make today. We live in a society where no one has time. How ironic is that we don’t have time to do the things we want, but your prospect is going to spend time to think about it? Sure there will be times when your prospect will have to think and ponder about this decision. Most of the time it is a knee jerk reaction, and the prospect is feeling a need to buy and they feel the pressure to buy, so now they will put you off. Remember if you do have to follow up, after they are thinking about it, the emotion has left and you need to reignite the fire before you complete your follow-up.

You will hear
I need to think about it
I want to sleep on it
We don’t jump into things
I’ll give you a call tomorrow

Fear of making the wrong choice
Some people are lazy or don’t want to change
Some feel stress and push away
Don’t see all the benefits
Being Nice and don’t want to say no
They really do
Need to talk to partner
Analytical personality

Handle The Procrastination Upfront

It is really great to see somebody who knows how to make a decision. I appreciate your time I know you are really busy and I know how valuable your time is, I’m going to get right down to business. I’m sure you realize my schedule and that my time also is valuable. So with this in mind, I’ll explain all of the facts and if you have any questions, I will be delighted to answer them. If we feel this business and investment fits your needs, I expect you to tell me. On the other hand if you feel as though it doesn’t, please tell me and I’ll be on my way.

Let’s make an agreement, Mrs. prospect, I’m not a high pressure consultant, so you don’t have worry about me trying to get you involved with anything you don’t want. All I want to do today is show you how to increase your income in your business and how it will work for you. Please do me a favor and let me know today if this is a good fit. Fair enough?

Smoke Screen

Do you mind if I ask what aspect of this business you are going to give careful consideration? (think over) Is it the quality of the service? Is it something I have forgotten to cover? Could it be the financial aspects?
If they say yes – handle the concern.

No Nonsense

Look, Mr. Prospect, you and I have spent a couple of hours together, and we both know that this is the right choice for you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy today…..


Mr. Prospect You’re not telling me this just to get rid of me, are you?

End of Your Rope

Mr. prospect either this is a good idea or it is not a good idea so lets make a decision right now (be silent) and they will sign and the others won’t and you won’t have to waste time.

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