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A Drug to Make Us Happy

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Is there a drug that can make us happy?

Everyone wants to be happy. It is the most sought after commodity. It defines how we feel at any moment, or rather at all moments. It is a sign of being well, of everything being well. The not-so-happy ones are like losers; they lack something. As if, something is amiss from their lives.

Beer is said to make men happy. It fills the mind with a warm glow. A certain confidence, even if temporary, overtakes the whole body. The effect is only temporary, and does not last long.

Good company is said to cheer up the mind. It takes us out of ourselves, into the open. It makes us laugh. But good company is hard to find.

Love is said to be good. A sweetheart, a soul mate who comforts us, cares for us, lives for us. True love too is hard to find.

May be we should find out what makes us unhappy. Find out what thoughts, events, and actions make us sad and unhappy. Then work upon these factors. Wrestle with them. Make them ineffective.

This would require intensive thinking and feeling that takes us to the very bottom of our mind. The very root of our thoughts and actions.

What can perhaps not be managed are things that lie outside our own mind. The social issues that relate to others. If any means can be devised to resolve them, happiness would eventually be ours.

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