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House and War Robots; Abatement and Storage of Calibrated Settings

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In the future wars will be mostly fought by robots; perhaps artificial intelligent robotic androids and when our nation goes to war and is short a few hundred thousand folks to sign up for military service then we may have to have middle class Americans lend our government their robots for active duty?

So you are probably asking you mean my house hold artificial intelligent robot which washes my clothes, my car and dog, when I do not have it making my bed, walking said dog or cooking my meals must now go and fight our battle? Wouldn’t that be breaking the number one rule for Robotic Androids? Indeed, but that is nothing a little re-training or software change cannot do.

Your robotic artificial intelligent robotic android would report for duty, re-assignment and calibration. The nice cleaning robot would be abated of all nice software programming and turned into a better-equipped killing machine you see? The software settings for cleaning the car, cooking your meals or mowing your lawn would be saved for later do not worry.

Well, unless your robotic android is demolished into oblivion defending our nation or fighting the International Terrorists at a time and place of our choosing. But do not worry if destroyed you will get a plaque thanking you for the service to our country and you may have to do your own dishes for a while, but you will still have your freedom and life. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 25, 2006
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