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Sinister Plots of International Terrorist Cells and Multi-Level Marketing

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You ever been tricked into attending a multilevel marketing sales recruiting meeting? It starts out something like this; “I have this great new business I want to explain to you and you to be very good at it because you have all the right personal qualities.” As soon you go to meeting you find out all the great reasons why someone needs to do their own business.

They talk about Ray Crock from McDonald’s and all the great entrepreneurs of all time. They talk about your income, retirement and the fact that Social Security will not be available to you. They tell you about 95 percent of the people are either dead or broke at age 60 and that this awaits you unless you do something and take action in your life.

Of course this whole time you are thinking yes, yes, yes and then they ask you if you might be interested in the business of your own, which will prevent this from happening to you. Pretty sneaky isn’t it? Interesting considering that they haven’t even told you what the business is yet or what you will be doing or what your mission is. What a bunch of crap.

Now then, did you know that international terrorist cells use the same methods to recruit people of lower IQ. They look for weak individuals with no self-esteem who are afraid of the future and then they play upon those fears in order to recruit them. They even have sponsors and the sponsors help the new recruits by pumping them up and telling them about their part of the greater cause now.

Eventually they convince the international terrorist recruit to commit to strapping a bomb to themselves and blow themselves up. Of course only a moron would do that or someone who has no manhood. But the recruit does not even stop think that he is merely being used. There are so many similarities to how these multi-level marketing companies and international terrorist operate indeed. Consider this in 2006.

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