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How to Innovate Faster than Anyone Else

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Do you know how to innovate? Well it is not a secret really it merely takes a little out of the box thinking and therefore let me discuss a little theory and philosophy behind it. You see in most industries everyone is doing everything basically the same way. Why? Well, because it is one way which works and is a process and a known quantity; that is to say you follow these procedures and these should be the results you will get.

Makes sense right? Well sure, yet eventually everyone is running redline doing it all the same way and then what happens? Well everyone does okay, but no one breaks any speed records. Why? Well they are all going around the same track, under the same weight limits, Hp maximums, using the same tires, same fuel and basically the same cars. Around in circles they go.

Yet if you want to break this chain you need to put wings on that car, forget that track and trade it for a straight runway; hit the afterburners and blow this taco stand. See what I mean? Now the entrepreneurial creative mind maybe the best for innovation, but it does not mean you cannot develop this talent even if you do not think this way right now. Concentrate each day on coming up with at least two original thoughts that no one has ever considered before.

Now, you will not be able to do this every day at first, but if you keep thinking in terms of hyper spacing the norm and using the whole track, eventually you will find you no longer need that track at all; trade it in; blue skies ahead. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 26, 2006
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