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Change Brings Choice

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A big change we are all currently experiencing is the arrival of spring! Most of us change the time on our clocks, causing the loss of an hour of sleep. The positioning of the sun changes the hours of daylight and the daily temperature. It is a change that happens every year- and a change most people look forward to- not because of the loss of sleep, but because it provides a new outlook on how we view each day. How refreshing it is to wake to a sunrise, blossoming trees and birds singing vs. dark, bleak and silent winter mornings. Although we may resist change in our personal lives, most people are enjoying the seasonal changes and are looking forward to the new choices these changes bring.

Choice can be defined as, “Making a selection; the opportunity or power of choosing.” Realizing that you have choices expands your energy and offers you new opportunities to experience life in a different way. For me personally, I am very aware of the new choices that come with the arrival of spring. For example, I have more choices in my life planned to fully embrace the spirit of health and wholeness. I have new choices in the time of day I exercise. I have the choice to do my workout indoors at the gym or outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature. Choosing an outdoor activity creates even more choices. Taking a walk and riding my bicycle are two of my favorite outdoor activities. If I choose my bicycle, do I take a short ride alone or a longer ride with a friend? Am I up to a ride with hills, a flat ride along the riverfront or a healthy mix of both? Each choice brings me a different level of satisfaction.

As you become aware of the new choices the change of season brings, consider the new choices that become available to you when you make a change in your life. Remember, change is a given in life. Unconscious change happens regardless of whether we’re ready or not: Seasons change, our appearance changes, our relationships with ourselves and with others change. Life and change are one. Conscious changes are choices we make, like choosing which activity to include in our daily exercise program. Our bodies are going to change with time- but choosing how we care for our bodies is completely up to us. Conscious change does not always come easily or naturally- and we tend to resist that which is not comfortable. When you are ready to make a conscious change in your life and you begin to feel your resistance, take a moment to consider instead how these new choices can empower you to live life in full abundance! This season, be inspired to “Spring Forward” so you can embrace these choices as gifts that will keep you physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy from one season to the next.

Sharon Marquart is a gifted Certified Personal Coach, inspirational speaker and author. For more than 13 years she has share with audiences large and small. She is the author of “Working For God,” “Living With Soulful Purpose,” and “Creating A Wedding Ministry.” Her coaching practice is Living at YES!(You Embracing Spirit) where she passionately supports clients in identifying mistaken beliefs and self-limiting thoughts. She coaches them in getting unstuck, setting intentions and living possibilities! Sharon teaches via tele-classes and facilitates tele-groups and e-courses. Her coaching clients are nationwide. Sharon is committed to bringing Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths into everyday language and applying them to everyday life experiences.
Sharon is the Director of Spiritual Coaching at the Coaching Academy of North America

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