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How To Deal With Procrastination

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Procrastination – why is it that some of us seem to struggle with getting things accomplished while others appear to make light work of their to do lists?

I have a confession to make … I also have times (like most people) where I struggle with working on certain tasks that I know need to get done. While I do make a concerted effort to keep such moments to a minimum, there are still times when the procrastination monster is known to rear its ugly head.

However, I should say that I don’t consider the fact that at times procrastination finds its way into my life to be that big of a deal.

Why not you ask?

Because I understand that by simply being aware that I’m putting off doing something I can make the decision to replace what I am doing (procrastinating) with an action that will lead to my getting what I want to get done — hence removing procrastination.

It comes down to a simple choice. Either I can choose to continue doing what I’m doing — putting things off, or I can choose to take an active step that will get the positive results I desire.

So what I’m saying is that while we may not ever get to a point where we totally remove the desire to procrastinate, we can choose to take corrective measures to get ourselves on track.

You’ve got to remember that it is a choice that we make. Simply being aware isn’t enough we also have to actually do the identified step that we know will put us on the path to the desired result…

If it’s getting up earlier then you’ll have to set that alarm clock or do whatever it takes to get up and get going. Action … even the tiniest of steps leads to less resistance.

To illustrate my point I’d like to share an example with you…

Just before I decided to start writing what you’re reading now I was doing something entirely different. I was doing some reading when the thought popped in to my head that I should write a column on procrastination. The point to consider is this… I had several very real choices to make in that instance. Whatever choice I decided on would give me very different results.

On one hand I could have (and almost did) made the choice to continue with my reading and forgo writing. Secondly, I could have chosen to make a note of the thought I had and simply told myself that I’d begin writing when I felt like it, or after I finished reading. Finally, and fortunately because I understand how if I’m not careful procrastination can spiral out of control I decided to immediately stop my reading and begin writing this article.

So you see, I still had the initial feeling of procrastination — I still felt the feeling of wanting to put something off for later, but instead I opted to work on what I felt I should do.

Interestingly the further along I get on this article the less resistance to doing it I’m experiencing — and so it is with procrastination. We best overcome it when we take active steps towards accomplishing the task at hand.

Be it exercising, working on school work, a business project, or just about anything one can imagine. Do the thing you are resisting doing as quickly as humanly possible and you’ll drastically reduce the times where feelings of procrastination rob you of achievement in your given endeavors.

– Here’s to your success, Josh Hinds

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Josh Hinds specializes in helping people set and achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. For expert advice on goal setting visit now!

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