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High Gasoline Prices, Start Your Own Ethanol-Oil Company?

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If you are like most Americans you are extremely bothered by the high-oil prices, but as you know there is little you can do about it? Sure you can bitch, moan and complain and we all do that I suppose to some degree. Personally I drive a huge Motor Home around the nation traveling full-time now and it rather irks me I must say.

Most would agree that complaining does no good; action is the answer and I was talking about this to some young environmentalists complaining about high gasoline prices and the profits they were making in a coffee shop recently. Now then, just so you know I am not an environmentalist, more of an entrepreneur, although we all need clean air to breath and water to drink. And I belong to the Ayn Rand Institute and am pro-Free Enterprise, to an extreme I might add.

So, I suggested that the young environmentalists do something about it. They said; Like What? I said start your own alternative energy company or Oil Company if you do not like it. I offered them this scenario to chew on;

A Team of Young Environmentalists, professors, movie stars and entrepreneurs try to start their own Ethanol-oil-energy company and hit the real world head-on; it is a fight of biblical proportions. They persevere in their mission and gain the watchful eye of the world and they change it, moving aside the debris of lobbyists, corruption, over regulation, industry and world in chaos in a hard fought heat wrenching battle; they triumph, as adversity builds character and succeed in the end and learn lessons too.

I then wished them good luck, paid for my coffee and left and then thought well this might be worthy of a few good articles on the subject of high gasoline prices, as Hurricane Season Starts and prices go up again. Consider all this in 2006.

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