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Home Schooling and Teaching Kids to Think

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It often seems in the public school system that we are teaching children memorization rather than teaching them to think. Although a lot has been done to upgrade the public school system an insure that every kid gets the proper education, unfortunately the No Child Left Behind Act does not help teach kids to think all the time.

In fact it may do just the opposite. It may be teaching kids to answer a specific question to a specific problem and that would be memorization and not actually thinking. Although each kid would benefit from getting information and learning; there is a big difference between figuring out a problem and thinking and simply knowing the answer because you had memorized it.

Many parents are concerned that the public school system has become more of a babysitting endeavor rather than a place were kids can learn and learn to think. This has prompted associations of home schooling across our nation as an option to placing children in the public schools.

It is imperative that we teach every little human brain to learn how to think, solve problems and adapt. Unfortunately if we are bombarding children with tests all the time and then docking the child who gets the answer wrong we are teaching their brains to memorize and that is a little scary considering that in the higher level education that the children and young adults are becoming indoctrinated into social engineering programs and liberalism.

Even if you are a liberal yourself you would have to agree that is better to teach the kids how to think them to tell them what to say and do. Perhaps this is the best reason for home schooling? Think of this in 2006.

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