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Improving your Readership through Blogging

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So, you have made a blog and wrote your first post. But how sure are you that people will read what you made? How will you convince people to read about your blogging?

Here are suggestions so you will be able to promote your blog.

•    Quality Content

If your blog has an interesting content, you will surely have a good distribution of your blog. You must update your blog on a regular basis. This is because your readers will only get bored if they read the same post over and over again.

•    Participate in a forum concerning blogging.

 Never hesitate to ask other bloggers for their opinion about the blog that you made. You should take their advices wisely and considerably.

•    Publish an Atom, RSS or XML feed.

If you are utilizing Blogger, you are able to activate the RSS feed by clicking the setting on found in your dashboard. Make sure that you choose the “yes” to activate the RSS feed.

•    Choose subject titles carefully.

Consider what most of the internet users are looking for. You can use keywords in your subject title.

•    Participate in making comments about the blogs of others.

You can achieve a reliable readership by just giving feedbacks to others bloggers. The comment feature will let you add a link back to your blog too.

•    Make sure that you put your blog address and your email signature in the forum signatures.

•    There are directories available, submit your blog there.

Submit the URL of your blog to Blogdex, Daypop, Popdex and Technorati.

•    Make articles.

Make a resource box in your articles. You can also submit your finished articles to any directories available on the internet.

•    If you are using the Blogger software, there is an option wherein you can inform the update services of the central blog. This is good especially if you are making a new entry to your blog. You must ensure that the option is activated.

•    Link to other blogs.

Use the service of blogrolling to do this. This will let you maintain an updated list of your preferred blogs.

Be patient, traffic is not possible in just a day. The way to improve your traffic is by letting the people know about your blog. During your free time, spend it by reading blogs of others, making feedbacks, and creating friendships.

Do not be shy to make comments about the blogs that you once visited. While you are waiting for traffic to happen, enjoy the world of blogging. You will not realize it but you are improving your writing in the entire process.

Khieng ‘Ken‘ Chho is author and owner of Online Blogging Resources. For related articles and other resources, visit Ken’s website:

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