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Banana Coconut Frappachino at Starbucks; Oh Yah!

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Well, it appears that Starbucks coffee now has the new Banana Coconut Frappachino and they are selling like hotcakes. I must recommend that you try one today and go down to your local Starbucks coffee shop and pick you up a Venti Banana Coconut Frappachino, as they are very good.

Some people are afraid to get the large size at Starbucks coffee because they are worried about the amount of fatness their body will get if a drink these large drinks. So, along with my taste test, which was very good and I wanna thank Starbucks for giving me my “Free Frappachino” today in trade for typing out this short summary.

Well you know I did ask them to tell me about the nutritional value and the number of calories, as I am watching what I eat, exercising regularly and playing it smart. It turns out that the Tall Banana Coconut Frappachino has only 310 calories and the Grande Size has 410 calories. The largest size, which Starbucks coffee calls the Venti has 600 calories and so today I must be go a little easier on the rest of my diet you see? The Banana Carmel Frappachino is almost identical on the calorie counts and it is very good too you see, I bought one of those the day before? Yummy.

Now then Starbucks coffee also has the light series banana coconut frappachinos too and the tall has 240, grande 310 and the Venti 460 calories respectively. Still I would rather have the regular then the light because I think it tastes better although some people like the light better and well that is better for them anyway. Consider all those in 2006.

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