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Abatement of Senatorial Insincerity

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All too often we watch the Senators of the United States of America make statements on our television sets while we are in our own living rooms. If you have been watching politics on TV for the last few decades you have obviously seen a repeat of the past and it is relatively obvious to you when they are completely lying and blowing smoke up the rear end of Americans.

We need the abatement of Senatorial insincerity and we need to make sure that our elected representatives do not treat us as fools. Remember they are our elected representatives and actually they work for us. If you see your local senator in your district changing his mind or has been wishy-washy on issues or if you catch them in an outright lie then it is your duty as an American to support a more noble candidate.

If there is no more noble candidate running and it is a division between a choice of the lesser evils then you might consider running for office because that is the right thing to do and sometimes it takes sacrifice to keep our great Republic supercharged.

The United States of America is the greatest nation ever created history of mankind and it is that way because people cared enough to do something about the problems that they see. It is definitely a problem when we have senators who are insincere and tell us what we want to hear rather than the truth. If we cannot trust are all government we cannot trust ourselves because we own it. Consider all this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 27, 2006
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