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“13 Days” author Raven W. Night: BOOK REVIEW

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13 Days
By Raven W. Night

Authorhouse (2005)
Reviewed by Claire Gilligan for Reader Views (3/06)

Don’t answer those little voices in your head Little Johnny! He hears
his dad all the time. But the problem with this is that his father has
been dead for several years. Little Johnny is all grown up now and is
hunting for the person who had brutally slain his wife while he
watched, just feet away. He could see no one, and while his wife
swayed back and forth, he could do nothing… that, he will never
forget, nor will he stop looking for the person or thing that did that to

So many people that John has known have died, his father, his
mother and many more. The problem is that they haven’t left him…
they won’t leave him. He sees and talks with them, he can touch
them. They help him go to the other side, but where is that and why
does he go so often and not stay there? He wants to stay there as too
many people have hurt him.

Have you ever seen the killer, and lived after? If you have, then you
are a very lucky person. As well, most people never live to tell what
he looks like. Colonel Justice is a man filled with vengeance, and is
set on finding the person who brutally killed John’s wife. As well,
most people never live to tell what he looks like.

This book is wonderfully written and flows so well even between the
characters switching. The author takes you to places that you would
never think some one could. It is an interesting take on life and death
and everything in between. The end is something not to be missed. I
would definitely recommend this author. I will be looking for more
books to come, but not patiently.

Claire Gilligan is a Reviewer for Reader Views.

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