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Leukemia and What Online Writers Can Do to Help

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They say that the pen is mightier than the sword and indeed it is. Now then is the keyboard and word processor mightier than cancer? It very well could be and this is why I would ask that all online article writers put in a good word for those who do research and are working on ways to cure leukemia. In fact with the right level of funding mankind could solve this problem within perhaps a decade or two.

If you have a skill of any kind shouldn’t you use it to help the common good? Shouldn’t we all work to promote the common good and remove those things, which challenge our civilization and people? We are all here for a reason and yet while we are here we can do so much more.

On one online article website there are nearly 30,000 authors, but what if everyone of them wrote one article on Leukemia next week for public awareness, then we might be able to leverage the power of the people or the power of the online writers to do some good in the World.

What would it take for you to write one more article for a special cause? Why not pick 4 special causes each month and simply write on them. That is only one per week, it will not impact your life, but it could make the difference in someone else’s. Do you see what I am writing about? Consider this in 2006.

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