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Reciprocal Links Exchange or Coming Back from Internet Marketing Ashes

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Reciprocal links exchange isn’t new to the online market. I remember doing links exchange in late 90s and since that time reciprocal links have helped me a lot. But why some are getting top positions on search terms with reciprocal links, and others fall behind? Where is the line that separates winners and those who blame everything on the changing nature of search engines?

Sharing personal experience I can say that reciprocal links are one of the great inventions of the Internet. Links save tons of job for search engines. Imagine how much information search engines would need to index! They already pay much on all their huge databases, and indexing everything on site could double, triple their expenses on storing and processing all that info.

It is much easier for search engines to index a link only. Because links have title (or anchor) and this title can be analyzed for keyword to check the relevancy. Link has structure and keywords even in the name of link; link has a description. From links search engines can learn about the topic, the popularity of your web site and help to put your site to the proper niche in the eyes of search engines.

Now you see why search engines are destined to love links, reciprocal links including, and why link exchange remains a very important factor to get higher positions and receive free, targeted traffic from search engines.

Reciprocal Links – Play by The Rules of Search Engines.

Most of the problems with reciprocal links exchange emerge when site owners or webmasters start violating the rules of search engines. Let’s face it: if you want to get free, targeted traffic from search engines, you either play by their rules, or try to find traffic somewhere else.

The rules of search engines are very simple.

(1) Your web site must give value.

Don’t make a dummy site with pure directory, and Google listings, and maybe Google ads. This type of site gives no value: no useful info, no quality product or service – nothing. When the user of search engine finds such a web site on the search term, this can irritate greatly. Users report to search engine, human editor comes to the site, sees its ‘value’ and the site gets to black list.

I had a client who had some problems with IP being blocked by Google. When I came to his site – Oh my God – seems like everything that could be violated was violated. It is good that Google gets every site the chance to get back on board, if the violations are taken out.

(2) Reciprocal links exchange must be relevant.

If some years ago search engines wouldn’t go that far in indexing the relevancy of links, today the picture looks absolutely another way. It is easy to index the link and check if the description and title of link coincide with the topic and niche of web site.

Of course, as the owner of web site you have all rights to put any kind of links on your web site – it is your business. But since you want to rank top from reciprocal links exchange with search engines, forget about your ambitions. Pick only relevant web sites and do link exchange with them.

(3) Exchange reciprocal links with reputable web sites.

The hidden truth is that for Google it does not matter what Page Rank the page with your reciprocal link has. Or better say – even PR 0 links count. The more relevant links, the better for your site.

But surely having your reciprocal link on 5 pages with (for example) PR 6 helps you to get indexed very fast, without sandbox for 2+ months and other unnecessary pain.

That is why never lose a chance to do reciprocal links exchange with a page that has nice Google PR, this will add more value to your web site in the eyes of Google. And Google is still the top search engine.

A hint where you can find many web sites that are ready for link exchange and have pages with nice PR. Check the sites that have automatic reciprocal links exchange directories installed. Most of the pages in these directories have PR from 3 to 7. And it is so easy to automatically submit your reciprocal link to all of them.

Follow these guidelines and learn more from those who already succeeded. Be wise and reasonable with reciprocal links exchange, and this will give you tremendous fruits in the end.

Nickolay Bokhonok, inventor and owner of Internet marketing tools. Latest tool from Nick – Automatic Reciprocal Links Exchange Script

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