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Russian Spammers Learning English to SPAM Your Inbox

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How do Russian Spammers get customers in the Western World? Well unlike many of the illegal aliens here coming from Mexico they are learning English and using this to their advantage to SPAM all of us? While we are busy complaining about illegal aliens closing some 80 hospitals in California due to anchor baby free deliveries and over crowding our Prison Systems, which is where we ought to put these Russian Spammers.

Recently I received this email message addressed to me as a US Business Person; “I offer you the services in advertising in Internet: 1. Bulk e-mail spam. We have many email lists from all world. Sent 1 million email cost – $200.00 and if you order great volumes of dispatches that the price for one million for only $100.00″ and they even have a website;
more information – .

Of course our Federal Trade Commission is impotent in Enforcing the billions of Viagra SPAM each day and cannot seem to stop these Russian Spammers. Why is it that the FTC constantly sends out press releases on how they are fighting the war in SPAM, and yet the SPAM keeps increasing. It is as if the real International Terrorists are Spammers and Scammers who hire them and yet our Justice Department is unable to fulfill their obligation. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 29, 2006
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