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Market Mix Strategy for Mobile Oil Change Businesses Considered

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In the mobile oil change business there are two primary sectors to consider when determining market mix. For instance there is the personal car market, which handles the DFM “Do it For Me” as opposed to the DIY “Do it Yourself” car owner who changes their own oil. And there is the fleet oil change business and off road heavy equipment oil change business.

Both are very different markets, but both are indeed viable for a mobile oil change company to consider. Specializing in only one, is potentially doable, yet consider that a company owner my want you to do his car and he has 5 service vans out back? Are you going to say “No” and perhaps lose that client; of course not.

One successful mobile oil change business entrepreneur asks; “I have set up my business model to specialize on a much larger mix of retail customers and fewer fleet operations. My business also does auto detailing too.”

I see this as good in that you also do auto detailing. But I see it as bad because economies of scale lower costs for oil and filters and fleet business lined up in a row 20-30 at a time is good revenue and you can do it at night in the dark on a second shift. Meaning that it does not affect your current business at all you see? Buy the van once run it 3-shifts, then buy another one. Fewer customers, more efficiency, more revenue, less headaches; perhaps you might consider all this in 2006.

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