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A Guide To Metal Wine Rack Hanging

  • Posted December 30, 2006
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Many homeowners have to scale down their dream home to afford the rising market costs, and kitchen storage is a pain without a metal wine rack hanging from the ceiling or wall. This style of metal iron wine rack allows for additional storage without taking up valuable shelf space. If you are short on space, consider looking into this handy storage unit.

There are many styles of metal iron wine racks. Some are composed solely of metal, while others offer wooden shelves with the iron bracing. Obviously, choosing a wine rack is a personal decision, and the style should fit with your likes and dislikes. You have two options for hanging a rack: wall or ceiling.

Wall racks hang from your wall. You must ensure that the metal wine rack hanging from your wall is safely anchored into studs. Stud distances vary from home to home. While you may have a house where the studs are 18 inches apart, other homes are built with the studs every 16 inches. This can make a huge difference when you are selecting a metal iron wine rack.

Another option is to install a metal wine rack hanging from your ceiling. Here the wine rack general is supported by thick chains that attach to hooks in your ceiling joists or beams. It will be devastating to find your wine bottles and glasses shattered on the floor, so the rack must be safely anchored.

What is important to consider is the weight the rack can safely carry. You do not want a metal wine rack hanging from your ceiling if the weight of the items is going to pull it from your ceiling or wall. Choose a model that fits well with the space between your joists, beams, or studs. If the model is 18 inches wide and your studs are every 24 inches, you are going to have problems.

If you are hanging your wine rack outside, make sure you have bought weatherproofed metal. Many homeowners feel that adding a wine rack to their deck is an excellent idea. As long as the wine rack is not going to rust, this can be an outstanding way to add charm to your outdoor living space.

With some homes becoming short on space, adding a metal wine rack hanging from the ceiling makes all the difference. Suddenly, you have storage space for your treasured bottles of wine, as well as your wine glasses. Invest in one today.

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