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Choosing the Best LCD TV for You

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You have done all your research. You looked up LCD, Plasma, and every other type of television on the market to day, and you have made your decision. You know that you want an LCD television, and all that is left is the buying. However, choosing the best LCD TV for you is still something that requires work. First you were comparing LCD to other technologies, but now it is time to get a feel for how to get out there and buy your LCD as you compare it to other LCD televisions. Here are some tips on shopping for and choosing the best LCD TV for you.

Get the Right Size

When choosing the best LCD TV, you need to figure out what size is going to work best with your budget and the room where the television will go. LCD screens’ quality is often related to its size. Go much over 35 inches and you may find yourself with colors that are slightly off or faded. Though this is improving, it is worth considering.

In order to choose the right size, you should consider what the right distance is between where you sit and where your television screen is. So, check out the room where your television will be, how far you will sit from the potential location, and what size will work best for that situation. If you are up to five feet away, a 20 to 27 inch model will work, if you are back 6 to 8 feet, then 32 to 37 inches are best, if you are 10 to 14 feet away when viewing you should consider a 42 to 46 inch screen, and if you are as much as 16 feet away, then 50 inches will be your best bet.

Once you have established what size of LCD TV you need, you can look for the other factors. Make sure you get something that will work with your HD setup. Half the point of getting an LCD TV is to be able to watch television in HD. So double check to make sure you know what you need and how to connect it with your cable’s HD services before you buy.

Finally, look at warranties. Choosing the best LCD TV is a lot easier when you know problems can easily be taken care of. Talk to the sales person wherever you decide to buy and make sure you understand the total warranty. Make sure, also, that you buy from an authorized dealer so that you do not have your manufacturer warranty voided over a technicality.

Choosing the best LCD TV for you means doing a little more homework. You must find out what size is going to work best in your room and for your viewing, you have to make sure everything is compatible, and finally you have to make sure you get a good warranty. If you do all of these things, you will have the best LCD TV for you.

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