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Tele-Selling: Time To Call

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Many people advise that when cold calling potential customers to be weary of their time and their schedules. For instance most marketing consultants say not to call on restaurants during lunch or dinner times if you want to sell them something.

Best to make a personal visit or call for an appointment prior to lunch at 10:30 Am or at 2:30 Pm when the business is slow and the manager or owner/manager actually has time to talk, as this makes the most sense to get a meaningful visit, discuss doing business or phone call in.

When calling on different industries or small businesses you need to consider this time factor; for instance do not call on Hair Salons on Tuesdays, because Monday is a holiday for them and they are busy on Tuesday. Thursdays are busy and so are Fridays and Saturdays, Sundays closed generally, so it is best to call on Wednesdays.

If you will consider your customer when calling you can generally set up a meeting thru a sales call without them giving you the cold shoulder or simply saying; We are not interested, do not call back.

Many businesses have peak hours and days and you need to be cognizant of the customer’s business model as not to disrupt their cash flow or operations. Always remember if you are selling something that you are an expense and their job to increase profits is to cut down on expenses and unless you have something to deliver which helps them make more money they will not be interested.

By the same token if you are cutting into their busy time, well then you are costing them money, so obviously they already don’t like you. Not a good start to a sales presentation or sale is it? Consider this in 2006.

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