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Business Reputation and Buzz for Retail Restaurant Outlets

  • Posted December 31, 2006
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Many types of businesses live or die on their reputations. But what sorts of businesses is it most critical too? Well, a video rental business can have a ho-hum reputation and still survive providing there is no other major competition in close proximity. But a hair salon won’t and neither will a Family or Specialty Restaurant either. You see these sorts of businesses rely on their business reputation for great services and/or excellent food.

Hair Salons and Restaurants need to have word of mouth to grow. Simply having a steady clientele is not good enough because there will always be attrition of customers, but a strong word of mouth buzz around town and they are in like flint. As business gets better then they can open more stores provided that they have adequately trained their managers and understand management. Please read “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber, before finishing my article here.

A “Buzz” can be started fairly easy and even prior to the opening of the store. Consider if you will the precinct marketing that Politicians Do. It is all grass roots and they walk the neighborhoods too. Well a Coming Soon sign and a little shaking hands in the local 5-8 mile radius of the new location opening can in fact get the “Buzz” started, much like new Movie Openings always have interesting tid bits and Teaser Spots. A grand opening with the Chamber of Commerce and some “Free Samples” well let us just say they go an awful long way. Consider all this in 2006.

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