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CO2 Laser Train Propulsion Post Engine Exhaust Enhancement

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Is it possible to take the exhaust from the mighty diesel engines of a locomotive and use it to fire up a powerful high-energy CO2 Laser? Why would you do that you ask? Well consider using it for propulsion. How so you ask? Well, what if you took all the exhaust out of the top of a locomotive and funneled it into a series of pipes. One the CO2 exhaust and soot was concentrated in the tubes you could hit it with a laser and the incredible combustion, which occurred could in fact be used to propel the locomotive?

Some physicists to whom I have proposed this idea say it is simply nuts as it takes a lot to move a locomotive. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of thrust in fact, yet we are not using the laser to move the train from Zero, breaking ground to 20 miles per hour. But rather using the exhaust like a turbo on a car, blowing it back into a secondary use. In this case instead of heated CO2 going back into the engine, some would of course, as most diesels are turbo, the remaining exhaust would be sent into the set of many many parallel pipes and hit with a laser.

Each pipe would have a reflector in it and the laser would be sent in and reflected onto the CO2 concentrated in the pipe trying to escape and act like a super heated thruster adding additional propulsion and also removing much of the pollution at the same time. Consider this in 2006.

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  • Posted On December 31, 2006
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