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Hurricanes and Elder Care Safety Conflicts

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During the 2005 Atlantic tropical hurricane season we saw in the city of New Orleans that when the levee broke and Elder Care facility was flooded and people in the hospice died from drowning. The people who ran the elder care hall had contacted the families in advance and asked them if they wanted their loved once moved. Moving means people From the elder care hall or hospice could be put in life-threatening risk.

We also saw where a bus blew up when an oxygen bottle ruptured on a bus and caught fire. There are often conflicts in elder care safety issues during mandatory hurricane evacuations or non-mandatory hurricane evacuations and all of these must be considered sometimes it is better to batten down hatches rather than trying to move people who are physically not in a good health position to be moved.

Then there are many instances were elder care customers were moved and died because they either did not have their medicines or the move was too physically strenuous for their very weak bodies and thus they became victims of the hurricane, not because they were in any danger, but because they were moved to safety.

These are tough issues to deal with, but it is the reality of the situation and if you have your parents in and elder care facility in a known area for hurricane strikes you are taking a risk and therefore you must consider this in 2006.

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