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Top 7 Considerations to Sales During Hurricane Evacuations

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If your business has a team of salespeople who continually handle customers outside the region and you are facing a large category hurricane coming in to your region and everyone is forced by mandatory evacuation to leave. You need to provide sales tools, such as cell phones and contact information to decision-makers in your company so your salespeople can continue to do sales and make arrangements with customers and get those arrangements okayed by your management team.

If not then all those sales calls and negotiations in transit or in the pipeline will fall by the wayside and you will lose sales in your company just because a big storm came to your area. You do not need to lose a whole months worth of future sales and you can prevent this if you plan ahead you see?

It is important to consider all aspects of your sales because that is where your new money is coming from while evacuating during the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season. If you plan in advance of a major catastrophic hurricane hit at your corporate headquarters, your sales team can still be working out of their vehicles, hotel rooms or even at family homes outside of the area.

Your customers may not ever realize that you were hit by a big hurricane, and that means your sales will go along as you rebuild your business and bring all your employees back to work. All businesses should have sales plans and be prepared for such disasters without disrupting the inflow of your most important cash flow; new business from sales. Consider this in 2006.

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