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MLM Promoting Tips Newsletter Sampling

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Here’s a blurb from one of my newsletters I wanted to release as the topic was recently brought up in conversation. Many people believe the mlm or network marketing industry to be promoted on nothing other than hype. One can’t blame these people because there’s so much of it out there. However, we can all work together to bring a higher level of integrity to the industry as a whole so people can truly see network marketing for the great business that it can be and is to many.

When helping your prospect to reach an informed decision to do business with you, create a competitive advantage by not using hype in your message. This starts with understanding the difference between Excitement and Hype.

Excitement is the natural positive attitude that is displayed from within when sharing something of value with someone else. Hype includes incredulous claims or “smoke and mirrors” that display a message to the prospect of being “too good to be true.” Put another way, Excitement doesn’t need to include Hype but Hype almost always includes Excitement. Be aware of how your message is received by your prospect. No one likes a grouch or someone who is boring and Excitement is contagious. If you don’t cross the line into Hype you create for yourself a competitive advantage as a marketer since so many marketers are promoting on Hype.

Dan Hatfield is the author of the Free Newsletter, Insider Marketing Tips, providing key tips from various Six-Figure Network Earners to assist in enhancing overall marketing effectiveness. He is also an Independent Marketer with Leaders Club and Expert Author on

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