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Donald Trump Apprentice TV Series Teaches a Bad Lesson in Office Communication

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Donald Trump Apprentice TV Series is in fact a view of what is wrong with corporate America and it functions much like a dysfunctional family. This sends the wrong message to up-and-coming business professionals.

If anyone were to run their company like that there would be tremendous legal lawsuits and problems in their human resource department because of the way they treat people and the negativity which breeds discontent and anger amongst the team members. In a smart executive management team they would need to work together better than the Donald Trump Apprentice series contestants.

It is truly amazing that the citizens and public in the United States of America actually have helped this TV series climb to the number one spot in reality TV because it is a shame that the world is coming to this and changing in this direction. If this trend continues we will see more and more corporations and their executive management people unable to handle crisis in the marketplace and do their job effectively.

Goodwill and corporate management capital is lost when people act like this and cannot work together. One lesson we can take from Donald tromps TV series is to never run your company like that. I hope you will consider this in 2006.

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