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Establish Credibility as a Powerful Presenter – One Communication Detail at a Time

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Consider and count all of the details – the little steps – to pay attention to that add up to big results – especially with regard to our credibility. In this article I share some of the details that I feel make us more credible as powerful presenters. It does take time and effort, but when we add them all together, our reputations will shine.

Accept the fact that there is no “quick fix” and that “overnight” success may take many years. Yes, we do belong to a society in a hurry. It is common for people to feel that they can lose 30 pounds in a month and/or become a recognized speaker in demand by just deciding to do it. I can’t even number the well known and successful speakers who have told the story of their struggles to reach stardom.

Once you embrace the idea that everything worth achieving will take time, discipline, hard work, patience and attention to details, you will be on your way. Think of these details as the “moments of truth” that have made Southwest Airlines so successful.

Pay attention to communication details. Even if you can wow an audience with your speaking ability from the podium, but you don’t pay attention to other communication details, you will never get a chance to speak from that podium. Here are some communication details to adopt:

  • Telephone skills. Return messages with haste. I know that a good number of people do not do this, because so often I hear, “Thank you for returning my call.” Does this mean others don’t return calls? Yes. So when we do, we have varied from the norm and leave a good impression.
  • E-mail messages. With the huge amount of SPAM these days, it does take an extra effort to keep ahead of the mail. It is the same, however, as with the telephone. If we are quick and courteous about answering our e-mails we leave another good impression.
  • Everyday conversations. Are you in a hurry all of the time? Just don’t have time to talk. I am not suggesting that you waste a lot of time with idle chatter, but I do suggest that you take a few minutes to listen and answer questions. This is also an opportunity for letting others know of your expertise. If you are willing to share information, then you just might be the perfect speaker for their group (and practically everyone belongs to a group).
  • Snail mail. It is so seldom that we receive a handwritten note in the mail that when we do, we remember. This is just another communication detail that will add up to setting you apart from the crowd.

Now, I ask you to start making notes of the small stuff. Keep a list of the daily, weekly and monthly details or “moments of truth” that will add up to a huge change. I have only scratched the surface of the many details and steps, but do hope that I have started you thinking.

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